May 17, 2024
Who is the king of cricket?

The Great cricketing debate: Who is the king of cricket?

It’s the question every cricket fan has been debating over since their favorite childhood player retired or their favorite country didn’t win that one big match they were rooting for (or both). Who was the best cricketer ever? Where do you even start? There are so many great players in the history of cricket, and with more and more coming out of different countries, it’s not an easy question to answer…but we’re going to try.

Don Bradman

Let’s be real. Don Bradman isn’t just The King of Cricket, he’s a demigod. He scored 6996 test runs at an average of 99.94! That record will never be broken and his name will forever live in infamy as one of the greatest sportsmen to ever live. No other cricketer has come close to matching his feats, but there are many who have tried.

Sachin Tendulkar

It’s hard to even imagine a world without Sachin Tendulkar in it. The Indian legend has been playing for over twenty years and he still hasn’t lost his touch. At an age when most cricketers have hung up their boots, Tendulkar continues to perform like a much younger man. His grace, talent, and endurance make him one of the greatest ever players of any sport; you don’t score 100 international centuries by accident!

The Great cricketing debate: Who is the king of cricket?

Brian Lara

There was no question about his talent, he said. He has natural ability and great hand-eye coordination. He’s certainly one of my heroes as a left-hander because I’m also a left-hander, Lara added in admiration. I just have to thank God that I have been able to play against him and see him on TV when I was growing up.

Virat Kohli

The game of Cricket has evolved in such a way that teams can no longer win matches by simply relying on their star players. In an age where sporting rivalry is at its peak, it’s hard to say who truly deserves to be called as ‘the King’. Virat Kohli and Steve Smith are two such names who are generally considered as two strong contenders for that prestigious title.


It’s a hard thing to determine, really. While Lara has scored more runs, Tendulkar has an unrivaled career average. Both players are an icon for their countries and have dominated top-class cricket for almost 2 decades. In my opinion it’s a coin toss; you can’t really go wrong with either one! What do you think who is better -Tendulkar or Lara? Share your thoughts in comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

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