May 19, 2024

How To Find A Tesla Supercharging Station Close To Me


Are you looking to drive a Tesla on a new route but don’t know where the Tesla supercharging stations are? Or are you an EV owner wanting to map out charging points near you? You are in luck. This article will explain seven ways to locate a Tesla supercharging station. Tesla has a massive network of fast EV charging points and allows even non-Tesla EV drivers to charge at their stations. Let’s dive in for more. 

Seven Ways to Find a Nearby Tesla Supercharging Station

1.Using Electrly Tesla Supercharger Locator (Recommended)

Electrly is an EV charging solutions provider that manufactures and supplies electric vehicle charging products. The company also runs a website featuring a perfect EV charger locator to easily help find Tesla Supercharging stations close to me. The map contains information like where a station is, fees, charging speed, and charger and connector types. Anyone can quickly search for Supercharging stations by State and/or other applicable filters.


  1. Visit the Electrly website on any web browser and launch the Tesla Supercharger Locator map. 
  2. Search, use the filters at the top, or navigate through the map (zoom in or out) to find a Tesla Supercharging station closest to you. (Tesla Superchargers are marked in red icons with the Tesla logo).
  3. Click on the red icon of your preferred Tesla Supercharging Station to reveal more details about that charging point. What’s better, Electrly also provides contact details like a phone number to call the station if you have any inquiries.

Note: Electrly’s map is not restricted to Tesla Superchargers only but also offers directions to other levels 1, 2, and 3 EV charging points. The map is well-detailed with relevant information for all Tesla and non-Tesla EV drivers.

Additionally, you can make orders for Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast chargers for private, public, and commercial use. Your wish is Electrly’s command as the company allows orders with OEM rebranding and white-labeling per your business needs. Most of their customers are satisfied with the safety and reliability of these products, quick deliveries, and around-the-clock support. 

Ordering your choice of Electrly EV charging products is seamless. The following is how Electrly’s services work:

  • Contact Electrly with details of your EV charging goal. 
  • Work with Electrly’s team of experts to come up with a suitable solution. 
  • Obtain a free quote specifying the price and product details. 
  • Place an order and settle the payment. 
  • Electrly plans and schedules production and delivery process. 

Tip: You can always reach out to Electrly’s experts for any consultation about installation and the use of their products. 

2.Via the Map on the Tesla On-Board Navigation System

If you own or drive a Tesla, Tesla’s touch-screen navigation system comes with a pre-installed Supercharger map to help find a charging station closest to you. The map also shows additional information, such as the parking level details, gate code, and peak hours. Unfortunately, non-Tesla EV drivers cannot use this method. 


  1. Power on your car and ensure the navigation screen is displayed.
  2. Press the Supercharger icon in the bottom left or bottom right corner (the position depends on whether your vehicle is a left or right-hand drive). The icon has the shape of a lightning bolt. 
  3. The navigation screen will display a list of charging stations near you and their corresponding maximum charging speed. Icons will also appear on the map. 
  4. At the top of the chargers list, you will see single, double, and triple lightning bolt icons. The single bolt icon is for slower Destination chargers, while the double and triple bolt icons are for Superchargers. Thus, select one of the two to find fast charging stations.
  5. Select a charger from the corresponding list. Your car will generate directions to that station. 

Note: During long trips, the navigation system automatically indicates coordinates to Tesla Superchargers when you are running low on charge. If you don’t want to see these instructions, tap Remove Charging Stops.

3.Via the Tesla Phone App

The Tesla app is the other reliable method available for Android and iOS devices. It enables you to track down Superchargers near your current location. However, it won’t display Tesla Supercharger stations far away from your immediate area. 


  1. Launch the Tesla app and click Location.
  2. Select a charger from the bottom of the screen or zoom out on the map to see the Superchargers near you, then select one (They are displayed as red dots).
  3. You will see how many charging bays are available at the selected station.
  4. Tap Send to Car to input the directions on your car’s map.  

Note: You must download and install the Tesla app on your smartphone to access Tesla Superchargers closest to your current location. 

4.Using Tesla’s Car Voice Control

Tesla’s come with a Voice Control feature that you can leverage to locate the closest Tesla Supercharging stations. It is designed to understand natural requests, so you will use natural language to speak the command. 


  1. Press the Voice Control button located on the steering wheel’s right side, and wait for a chime.
  2. Say a command like, “Take me to a Supercharger” or “Where is the nearest supercharger.”
  3. Your car’s touch screen will automatically bring up charging stations nearby. The closest one is placed at the top of the list.
  4. Select one to generate directions to it. 

5.Via Third-Party Apps

There are plenty of non-Tesla EV charging apps to look up directions to Tesla Supercharging stations. These apps also indicate other fast non-Tesla charging stations in case you cannot locate a Tesla Supercharger. Tesla’s come with an SAE J1772 charger adaptor, the most common adapter model so you can recharge at non-Tesla stations. Third-party EV charging station apps include PlugShare, Chargepoint, ABRP, EVgo, Chargemap, and ChargeWay. 

6.From Your Desktop

You can find Tesla Superchargers from your computer using the Supercharger map on Tesla’s website. This map is also useful for locating other things, such as Tesla stores and service or collision centers. Non-Tesla EV drivers can use this method to access a Tesla Supercharger.


  1. Go to Tesla’s Find Us map on their website.
  2. Enter your location into the search bar. 
  3. You will see a list of Tesla service and charging stations near you. Use the filters underneath the search bar to toggle off the service stations so the map only indicates Supercharging stations.
  4. Select a Supercharger to bring up directions to it. The details window will also show how many chargers are available at that station.

7.Via Google Maps

Although the information Google Maps provides about charging stations is limited, you can use it to locate Tesla Superchargers. You only need to launch Google Maps and type ‘Tesla Supercharger’ into the search bar. However, this search will likely bring up both Superchargers and Destination chargers. The latter is much slower, so you need to click on each charging location to determine if it is a Supercharging or Destination charging station. 


There you have it. You can now easily locate Tesla Superchargers regardless of the type of EV you drive. For Tesla drivers, using the on-screen navigation system is the most convenient way to locate Superchargers. However, we recommend Electrly as the most effective way to find Tesla supercharging stations near you. Electrly works for Tesla and non-Tesla drivers, ensuring you embark on a trip or purchase your EV without worrying about where to find Superchargers.

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