May 17, 2024

Unbeaten records in cricket history

Cricket has a long history of records that have been created by many great players over the years in a variety of formats. From Bradman’s Test average record (99.94) to Jim Laker (19 Test wickets), Mufiya Muralitaran (1347 international wickets) to Wilfred Rhodes’ top-notch wickets (4204). Today we will discuss 10 unbeaten records in the history of cricket.

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  1. Don Bradman test mean

Let’s start this list with a record that hardly anyone remembers. Don Bradman’s average test (99.94) over 52 tests, Bradman participated and scored 6996 runs, which also included 29 centuries and 13 half centuries.

This record was set in 1948 and is still intact, looking at this record it will remain the same as it is absurd to think that any batsman can ever break this record.

  1. Jim Laker 19 Wickets Test Game

19 wickets in a test match is not right to watch fast but to be honest it’s true. Not everyone has heard the name of Jim Laker (right break bowler from England). Most cricket fans know about Anil Kumble’s 10 wickets against Pakistan.

  1. Sydney Barnes 49 Wickets 4-match test series

One of the unbeaten cricket records was set in 1913-14 against South Africa during the last test series of former English bowler Sydney Barnes. Other bowlers who came close to the record were Jim Laker with 45 wickets and Shane Warne with 40 wickets. But no other bowler has yet come close to the feat achieved by Sidney Barnes.

  1. Brian Lara 400*

This record, without a doubt, deserves a place in this list of 10 unbeaten records in the history of cricket. One of the greatest cricketers ever, Brian Lara’s cricket career is phenomenal like no other, with many records under his feathers. Lara is the only batsman to hold the record of every century in Test cricket (hundred, double hundred, triple hundred and quadruple century).

  1. Graham Gooch scored 456 runs in a single test match

2 innings (333, 123) and 456 runs in a single game are downright surreal. But former England batsman Graham Gooch holds the record for 456 runs against India. As for the history of cricket, Brain Lara has hit 400* individual innings but still hasn’t been able to beat them.

  1. Don Bradman 974 is in a test series of 5 matches

Another record for the great Don Bradman, deserving of a spot on this list of the top 10 unbeaten records in cricket history, was his 974 runs in 5 test series. 7 innings, 5 test matches – it’s impossible to believe that a batsman will ever surpass this feat.

  1. Muttiah Muralitaran 1347 international wickets

Another unbeaten cricket record that is very hard to beat or even come close to. The former Sri Lankan player holds the record for most wickets in international cricket. 800 test wickets, 534 ODI wickets and 13 T20l wickets.


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